Trending Topics Around COVID 19 in Kuwait

Application of social intelligence and analytics based on an analysis of 20,000 organic posts & mentions on social media in Kuwait between 27th of March to the 3rd of April. The tool is powered by Ipsos Social Intelligence Platform Synthesio. Questions asked by social media users around coronavirus were extracted and analyzed. Percentage below represents the percentage of questions asked by topic. Deep diving into the social conversation taking place around the curfew.


This week online residents of Kuwait are  sharing information regarding the latest news whether its on the procedures or the latest figures that the ministry of health publishes.

Furthermore, residents are also looking at the situation in other countries often comparing it to Kuwait. Furthermore, in search for answers and clarifications regarding the latest news residents often share their opinions and theories.



With the increasing number of corona cases as result of direct contact with patients, residents have raised their concerns and encouraged others to abide by the preventive measures to stope the virus from spreading any further, mainly social distancing, staying at home and to avoid gatherings. Furthermore, residents are also reminding each other to abide by the curfew timings.



Residents of Kuwait have expressed their support towards decisions made by governmental entities as well as expressing their gratitude towards the effort exerted by those on the front line whether the medics, volunteers, and armed forces. They are often sharing their remarks of the risks taken by those on the frontline.



Residents of Kuwait are showing their unity through sharing the hashtag  #فزعة_للكويت to help those whom were negatively affected by the pandemic such as those who do not have a stable income, or the less fortunate in general. Many wrote about the fund raising campaign that has gathered around 9 million KD in one day, and how the money will be used to help people in need.



With many questions left unanswered, residents of Kuwait are voicing their concerns over social media often asking questions about the virus and if certain government decisions apply to them. Furthermore, residents of Kuwait are sharing explanations and posts published by the ministry of health in in effort to respond to these questions.


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