Mystery Shopping in the Luxury Industry

In this paper, three highly experienced mystery shopping experts share their knowledge and opinions on different aspects of mystery shopping in the luxury industry and how it is a vital ingredient in a holistic Customer Experience strategy.

Customer Experience is of great importance in any industry. This is arguably most evident in the high-end spectrum of the market where affluent consumers literally spend billions of dollars, pounds, euros, yuan or yen – year in, year out.

Ipsos Mystery Shopping uses panels of expert ‘shoppers’ in more than 100 countries to collect objective feedback from unbiased consumers. More than one million tasks are conducted every year, of which an increasing part is completed by dedicated, affluent mystery shoppers – these individuals don’t rely on mystery shopping as an income, but rather enjoy the experience so much they count it as a pastime.

Naturally, mystery shopping in the luxury industry requires a very different approach to regular high street retail shops. However, there is much that the high street can learn from how luxury goods are sold. Download this free paper to the discover techniques top-end retailers use to maintain an excellent Customer Experience and how Ipsos designs luxury mystery shopping programmes that can benefit retailers of any calibre.