Speed dating with innovations: What’s your innovation’s pick-up line?

This white paper explains how the communication of innovation has changed drastically and how consumers have adapted to this new reality.

In the past marketers strived to be good storytellers – explaining why their innovation should be purchased. This was a world where consumers were more receptive to long messages, giving marketers the luxury of time to sell their innovation.

But in today’s hyperconnected world, consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements and standing out among an estimated 30,000 new consumer products launched annually is challenging. Our mental capacity to handle this avalanche of information has not evolved as quickly as technology and one way we cope is by ignoring most advertising. Using eye-tracking technology, marketers find over half of “viewable” ads displayed are never actually seen by consumers. The average click-through rate of banner ads (0.1%) leads to the same conclusion: most consumers ignore what is literally in front of them.

As consumers are changing, marketers must change too. Now marketers need to have the skills of a speed dater – attracting and persuading consumers in a few seconds that their innovation should be considered and purchased.

This white paper sets out how to build your “pick-up line” to make sure your innovation cuts through to consumers.

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