Results from Ipsos Global Trends: A New World Disorder

Ipsos Global Trends 2023 Launch in Pakistan

Ipsos Global Trends 2023

Here are 10 key insights on how Pakistan navigates the complex landscape of multiple crises in the world today.

  1. Pakistan is different!
  2. Pakistan is at the sharp end of global climate crisis.
  3. Mental well-being is secondary to physical health.
  4. Brand image matters in Pakistan.
  5. Pakistan: the home of data apathy?
  6. A nation of idlers? The lowest engagement with arts of 50 nations.
  7. Pakistan has trust in business leaders over government.
  8. Pakistan’s attitudes to gender are far from the global average.
  9. Do Pakistanis want a ‘Puraana*’ Pakistan?
  10.  Despite it all, Pakistanis remain optimistic.