Spotlight*Qatar: Money and Finance

A spotlight on the financial situation, spending, and money in Qatar.

Qatar money finance

Money and finance are key topics discussed by individuals and households in Qatar, with 1 in 3 rating financial stability as a top life priority.

People in general tend to follow a calculated approach to spending with 3 in 5 individuals planning their finances every month and around 7 in 10 staying aware of the price of every purchase they make. This allows 3 out of 5 to save on average 28% of their income monthly.

Debt is common across income brackets, and is mainly used to support family members, invest in a business, or cover daily expenses. The most common type of debt is credit card debt.

Financial goals differ between income groups with the top 3 goals being:

  • To provide well for their family’s future and education.
  • To live comfortably and have a secure retirement.
  • To be debt-free and financially stable.

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