Spotlight*Qatar: Views on AI

Artificial Intelligence in Qatar.

In this report of the Spotlight*Qatar series, we delve into the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the country. The report reveals that the vast majority (93%) have heard about AI.

Among those aware of AI, half display a solid understanding of what it is and around 1 in 3 are knowledgeable of the types of products and services that use AI. Notably, males tend to have a more comprehensive understanding of AI compared to females, a trend also uncovered among youth, affluent individuals, and Qatari nationals. On the other hand, individuals aged 35-44, specifically expats within this age group, show a lower understanding of AI.

Overall, the outlook of those aware of this technology in Qatar is positive; 62% believe AI will improve our world. In terms of sentiments, nearly half (45%) express excitement about products and services using AI, while a minority (25%) are nervous about it.

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