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Brand Activation Tracking

Connecting brands with people in a meaningful way to ensure sustainable business growth.

At Ipsos, we start with people, because brand growth comes from more people buying your brand, more often with the brand being more easily accessible. How people make decisions is complex and nuanced, it is not simply about responding automatically or deliberatively. Consumers are adaptive in the way they think and decide, based on what is going on around and within them. All of this is deeply influenced by the context, in which they are making decisions, as well as by goals, prior associations and experiences stored in their memory.

Ipsos offers so much more than just brand tracking – an all-encompassing highly intelligible brand health ecosystem that is grounded in dynamic context of people’s realities. We provide true understanding of which aspects of brand experience, image and relationship matter to people when they make purchase decisions and provide guidance on setting the right course for activation across all brand channels and touchpoints.

We help clients to answer their most important brand questions:

  • How can we grow our brand in the short and long term?
  • How are we delivering on our brand strategy? Where are we on our path to brand success?
  • How can we build or adjust our brand strategy to accelerate?
  • What are the big in-market learnings to take forward and inform continued brand growth?
  • What are the most powerful brand building activities present, past and future?
  • What can we do to reignite demand?

And, in times of crisis, Brand Activation Tracking serves as an essential tool to weather the disruption and uncertainty by providing insights into market shifts and consumer behaviour. Such tracking enables brands to evaluate the baseline, identify and meet people’s new needs, build credibility and new routines that are durable and associated with your brand.

Our offer is grounded in science and a deep expertise in brand activation. We deliver measurements and insights against our clients’ varying brand building requirements, through:

  • 100% survey approach with speed and simplicity
  • Survey with integrated data and flexibility to craft against specific needs
  • Management of global KPIs