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Data & Delivery

No matter what the question is, or where you want to ask it, Ipsos has the answer.

For those clients who don’t need analysis and recommendations but still require high quality research data in order to make better business decisions, Ipsos helps them run the analysis by themselves quickly and accurately.

Addressing their research objectives, target audience, markets, support required and price-value optimum, our teams will propose the most accurate research design solution and servicing proposal. This includes the most appropriate survey methodology for each project: online, face to face, telephone or mixed mode approach when relevant.

Our teams are specialised in survey design, data collection and delivery. Their experience spans projects with a wide range of complexity, scale, industry and geographical coverage. We bring the same values, expertise and consistency to our work in all areas, from fieldwork to data delivery across the globe. We provide advice and guidance end-to-end from question design, sample definition, fieldwork management, data checking, and all the way through to delivery of data tables. Our high data quality standards include thorough quality control.

Data and insights can be accessed through various formats including automated reports and client portals or dashboards.

Our teams work with clients from different industries and bring you solid know-how to help you reach your B2C and B2B targets.

  • Global coverage – 140+ markets in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and North America. Ipsos has both the scale and the experience to deliver industry-leading research with access to a great pool of respondents in both developed and developing markets, addressing clients’ needs in terms of any consumer target.
  • The highest quality standards based on innovative solutions, rigorous processes and professional research operations teams. Ipsos uses powerful tools and digital solutions (programmatic sampling, iField, our unique digitally enabled face-to-face interviewing platform, device agnostic/mobile-first capabilities) to guarantee efficiency, speed, respondent engagement, wide coverage and competitiveness.
  • A client-centric portal is a service offered to clients who are looking for a user-friendly and intuitive portal to access information quickly, monitor fieldwork status, display data on a one-page summary or dashboard, create or build custom reports using Ipsos standard templates or bespoke.