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Employee Relationship Management

Providing research and consultancy services for employee engagement, leadership and change management.

Ipsos offers a range of tools and solutions to assist in ensuring your organisation is people-oriented, agile and resilient, which include:

  • an engaging work culture framework, adapted to digital times, for managing talent and strengthening leadership;
  • feedback solutions designed to provide reliable assessment, monitor your work culture in an engaging way and support dialogue with your people;
  • activation solutions to enrich your data share, extract actionable insights and help you build roadmaps to optimise your organisational performance.

Our solutions are powered by an integrated and multi-purpose platform that covers all feedback needs (census, targeted, individual assessment). We collect and report feedback in a customised, secure and optimal way, anywhere, at all times. Our multi-format and responsive web design questionnaires are accessible in a DIY mode and include data and text analytics resources.

Our Employee Relation Management (ERM) activation solutions are designed to create buy-in within your teams while empowering your managers.