The Future of Mobility - On the Road to Driverless Cars

At a time when technology has the potential to change the way we travel, this new white paper reveals global consumer attitudes towards the prospect of fully automated cars.

The survey on which the paper is based reveals that:

  • People believe that tech companies such as Google and Apple will lead the way ahead of some (but not all) traditional car manufacturers.
  • People in Asia are more willing to be driven by a fully automated car than they are to let the car park itself.
  • In Asia, people are twice as likely to take a nap in the vehicle than their European counterparts.
  • Under 35s and those in big cities are more likely to be interested in new technological features than those over the age of 50.

As well as detailing some of the specific technological advances in ‘disruptive driving’ – the term used to describe something which changes the way people use something – this paper investigates attitudes by region and age group, and concerns about the future.