The Key To Your CX Success

Finding the right customer experience KPI for your business

POV coverKey Performance Indicators (KPIs) are central to customer experience measurement and management, serving to drive customer-focused action and improved business performance. As a powerful tool for change, organisations need to ensure that their KPI – or KPIs – are right for them. However, what is right for one organisation could be too complex, or too simplistic, for another.

Choosing a KPI is not just about selecting an easy-to-answer metric. It needs to be connected to an organisation’s bottom line or reflect desirable business outcomes, while the rationale behind the metric should be clear and transparent from boardroom to frontline staff.

In this paper, Ipsos’ Customer Experience team explores how organisations can determine the right CX KPIs to drive business performance, with a specific focus on:

  • The key ingredients of a good KPI
  • How organisations can validate their CX KPIs
  • Linking KPIs and real-life business outcomes; ‘Delivering a Return on CX Investment (ROCXI)’
  • How to drive action through the right diagnostics

The choice of a KPI is a significant decision for any organisation. But, with appropriate consideration and validation, it is a decision that can be made with confidence.

It boils down to one central question: which commercial outcome matters most to a business and does the CX KPI reflect it?