Kim Larsen: Brand Health

kim larsen market research expert in brand health at ipsos in south africa

Connecting brands with people in a meaningful way to ensure sustainable business growth

I have always had an interest in people, and research allowed me to make it part of my everyday job! My entire formal working career - 21 years - has been in research. I have tried many roles, worked across all kinds of clients and seen a few interesting things. In 2022 I decided to explore something new and have found a new home at Ipsos, and I look forward to a whole new learning curve with the Brand Health Tracking team!

Understanding why people do what they do helps us understand how brands need to be seen, adapt and evolve to effectively compete in an ever changing world.

management quote ipsos in south africaBrand Health is not a linear concept it is impacted by every interaction someone has with a brand or the face of a brand, whether it is on the shelf, the product experience, innovation they all ladder up to how close people feel to brands. The cumulative impact of this is monitored by measuring Brand Health.

Kim answers questions...


I sold shoes on a Saturday morning, and got paid R40 a day! My first formal job was Junior Research Executive at Research Surveys

I get away from 'the screen'. Go walk around, 'ban' work thoughts, have a cup of tea or have a chat with someone

People. Definitlely people.

There is always a way! Be kind and listen

I can’t pin one moment, but highlights for me was when I had impact - big or small - whether it was on a team or staff member, client or project.

Landline telephones


Chewing. In. my. Ear.

Nelson Mandela

I packed groceries for one day in Pick n Pay, it was not for me

Get up and face it

The finer things in life

Night owl

Baking our annual Christmas cake with my children, making the Christmas wishes and licking the bowl!

Being a morning person

The Queen

Whatsapp and my gallery

Springboks - or anything SA is participating in


Grasshoppers and germs

There is no such thing as a secret


Marine biologist - it was the popular answer!

Helping people

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