Ipsos Update - October 2021

Global risks, trust in research, virtual reality and the global influence of Germany are just some of the topics featured in this month’s round up of research and analysis from Ipsos around the world.

Ipsos Update - October 2021Featured this month:

A Sense of Presence: Virtual and Augmented Reality are so much more than ‘shiny new toys’. In the context of an increasingly digital world, we explore how using more immersive experiences can generate strong research insights.

The Brand-Experience Gap: How can brand promises and the customer’s real-world experience be better aligned? Our new integrated measurement system focuses on this important intersection, enabling organisations to drive positive outcomes.

Trust in Research: Securing respondent trust is a cornerstone of delivering reliable and trustworthy market research data. This new white paper explores how to foster trust, advocacy and motivation among research participants.  

Global Risks: An in-depth study of the evolving perception of emerging risks finds climate change returning to the top of the global risks ranking. It draws on the views of risk management professionals and public opinion around the world.

What Worries the World?: We look at the latest results of our 28-country issues monitor in the light of 18 months of tracking public concerns during the pandemic. Additional analysis from our local experts explore how Covid-19 has altered the landscape.

Economic Recovery in Latin America: We gather the view from Latin American opinion leaders on the main challenges facing the region in the coming months, including their expectations for how long economic recovery may take.

Global views on Abortion: A significant majority across 27 countries believe abortion should be permitted, but views are no by no means consistent around the world. Women are more likely than men to say that abortion should be allowed in any circumstances.

German Leadership: As the 2021 German election approached, marking the end of Angela Merkel’s political career, we asked citizens of 25 countries for their views on how her leadership has impacted their country, Europe, and the world.

Also in this month’s edition, the supposed “death of the city”, the generation myth and what this means for research, and a look at the future of sports.