Our history

1975 - 1982

Creation of a new vision and a unique tandem

Ipsos is founded by Didier Truchot in Paris, France. One goal: to work closely with its clients.

In 1982, Jean-Marc Lech joins Ipsos and becomes Co-President alongside Didier Truchot.

Logo Ipsos 1975

1983 - 1989

Ipsos becomes n° 5 in France

1988: Expansion into MENA through establishing an office in Lebanon.

Ipsos Campaigns 1984

1990 - 1998

Expansion in Europe, in America and into the Gulf region.

First acquisitions outside France; Ipsos becomes a European research company. 

Ipsos expands to North America and Latin America.

1997: Expansion into the Gulf region starting with an office in Kuwait, followed by Jordan in 1998.

Ipsos Campaigns 1997

1999 - 2010

A multi specialist organisation

1999 Listing on the Paris Stock Exchange.

2000-2008: New offices in UAE, KSA, Bahrain and Iraq. Expansion into North Africa by entering the Egyptian market, followed by Morocco,

Ipsos Campaigns 2002

2011 - 2013

Synovate a major acquisition

The acquisition reinforces the position of Ipsos with the Big Four.

2011: New offices in Qatar and Pakistan were added. Then, in Algeria and Tunisia in 2012.



The « New Way »

To assist its client with their changes, Ipsos launches its New Way programme. 

Creation of Ipsos Foundation

Ipsos Campaigns 2014


1975-2015 40 years of existence

Ipsos adopts a new tagline “Game Changers”

Logo ipsos 2015