Life in Metropolitan and Regional Australia

The Understanding liveability across Metropolitan and Regional Australia reports are drawn from the Ipsos Life in Australia project – the nation’s largest annual study of community values and liveability.

Life in Australia is a truly citizen-centric approach to understanding liveability. Unlike other liveability studies that derive metrics by collating and comparing empirical data across countries, cities and regions, Life in Australia asks 10,000 citizens each year what they believe makes somewhere a good place to live and how well their local areas deliver against those attributes.

These reports highlight what metropolitan and regional Australians believe are most important when considering what makes somewhere a good place to live, how metropolitan and regional Australian areas perform in delivering against these critical attributes and a visualisation of the most and least liveable metropolitan and regional areas. Each report also highlights the top ten most liveable areas in metropolitan and regional Australia (page 2), as well the less (page 3) and least liveable (4) areas.