The Measure of a Modern Marketer

Overwhelmed? You’re not alone. 72% of Australians say the world is changing too fast and it seems that increasingly, uncertainty and disruption are the new normal.

Marketers are supremely challenged not only in conquering this world for themselves but also in carefully navigating customers through the complexity of communications and shopper journeys.

What do Marketers need to do or change in this world of continuous disruption?  Learn. Unlearn. Relearn was the theme of the recent IAA Breakfast where we discussed how Marketers need to develop skills to adapt such as being relentlessly curious, having a short and powerful list of ‘go to sources’ but at the same time keeping it as random as possible and seeking out how to unravel the complex relationship people have with change. 

Ipsos provided context to the panel debate from the Ipsos Global Business Leaders survey and the Ipsos Global Trends report which identified that technology was the main challenge for Marketers to get to grips with today.  And yet there is a real tension with people having a certain amount of nostalgia for traditionalism but a realistic belief in progress through technology advancement.

Simplicity and control is what people want but 8 out of 10 people agree there is too much contradictory information available which makes it hard to know who or what to trust.  Where there are challenges there are also plenty of opportunities for Marketers to help make decisions easier for consumers.