Ipsos Webinar | Maximizing Portfolio Performance in Turbulent Times

Ipsos Webinar | Maximizing Portfolio Performance in Turbulent Times

Constant, rapid change. We’re all sick of it now, aren’t we?

From the pandemic to inflation, geopolitical struggles, market disruptions, and the ongoing global climate crisis, many of us have been feeling the pressure.

While many countries are seeing the rate of inflation slow, the cost-of-living crisis remains the biggest worry for many. It is the number one concern in our What Worries the World survey, and has been so far for the last 22 consecutive months.

In the aftermath of inflation, we are now witnessing economic uncertainty. Some markets have officially entered a recession, while others are exhibiting signs of slowdown – both scenarios present significant challenges.

We invite you to join Ipsos exclusive webinar – From Chaos to Clarity – to learn more about how to effectively manage your product line against tough economic headwinds and consumer heighted pricing sensitivity.

Here you find the webinar recording:




Speakers :

  • Dilshie Reginould

    Dilshie Reginould, Head of Innovation

  • Frederico Goncalves

    Frederico Goncalves, Director, Innovation