Education, Work and Social Attitudes

Ipsos MORI Thinks Millennial Myths and Realities

Education, Work and Social Attitudes

One of the questions we’ve been asked most often over the last few years by clients, journalists and commentators is “What do you have on millennial attitudes and behaviours?”

It is completely understandable that Millennials are attracting that sort of attention. They’re a big cohort, moving towards their most economically powerful phase, whose tastes and preferences are, in many cases, still forming and will set the agenda for business and government for years to come.

This report is our attempt to separate myth from the reality, by both debunking the often casual claims made in poor research studies and media articles, as well as bringing together the important research that’s been done which flags true differences.

Today, let's talk about the spiritual base that support Millennials - education, work, and social attitudes.