September Update: What Worries Denmark

The What Worries Denmark study gives you monthly insight into the most pressing reported concerns of Danish citizens. Discover the September update below.

By initiating a Danish tracking study from January 2020, we can now see what keeps Danes up at night and how this change over the months and years.

In September, the Coronavirus is perceived to be, by far, the biggest challenge. While there is a clear top-of-mind concern over the resurgence in COVID-19 in Denmark and Europe, it is washed out on an aggregate level, where it only has a minor lead when compared to the second highest concern, Climate Change

Worries about the climate are perhaps a reaction to recent natural disasters (wildfires in the USA), and other news media covering apparent signs of human impact on the planet. Additionally, the economy in general (both the overall State of the Economy and Unemployment & Jobs) is still a notable area of concern, as well as Immigration and the Welfare State.


The Biggest Worries chart refers to an individual’s perception on the largest/most top-of-mind challenge Denmark is dealing with today.


The Total Worries chart encompasses the biggest worries and the respondents’ other worries combined.  


About the study
This study surveys a nationally representative sample of adults aged 18+ across various regions of Denmark, with 1000 interviews conducted per month. Weighting has been employed to balance demographics and ensure that the sample’s composition reflects that of the adult population according to the most recent Danish census data.

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