Ipsos Omnibus: Fast, Secure, and Right-Priced

An end to end solution designed to meet your needs in terms of sample representativeness, speed, price and geographical coverage

An omnibus survey aims to provide brands with a quick, cost-efficient way to perform extensive market research by asking a single or a few questions on a 'hybrid' interview.

Why do we need Omnibus?

  • The Egyptian Market is fully dynamic and evolving with a high potential of growth due to the continuous changes of the consumer habits and behaviors towards different products and brands. This, requires the need for fast and efficient solutions and market changes understating.
  • Omnibus study usually serves as a viable, low-cost market research method of custom study concepts. Its custom study characteristics are derived from each client's ability to insert custom questions.
  • The current increased willingness to perform quick small and low budget research that involves asking participants only a limited number of questions due to last minute need of information is the core essence of Omnibus.

Ipsos Omnibus Provides:

  • Speed, flexibility and affordability
  • Research and international expertise
  • Rich insights and smart deliverables