Social CEOs in the Digital Transformation Era

Elie Aoun, CEO Media, at Ipsos in MENA, delivered a groundbreaking presentation at the Middle East Social Media Festival (MESMF) in Beirut, Lebanon, on what actions need to be taken to keep up in a digital age.

As the world shifts towards an era of digitization, companies are adapting their strategies to embrace it. However, change starts from the top. A company's leader needs to be the agent for change, CEOs need to become social.

What are the benefits of Social CEO?

  1. Building brands - CEOs routinely use their social media accounts to build their brand and gain exposure for their company.
  2. Recruiting Talent - In this day and age, hiring is very much a social media-driven activity. The smartest CEOs aren’t just relying on traditional avenues such as online job portals – they’re also turning to social media to recruit the best and brightest talent.
  3. Staying Up To Date - When CEOs are active on social media, they’re essentially keeping themselves updated about key developments in their industry. This helps them stay agile and react more quickly. Who wouldn’t like to have that first-mover advantage?