Ipsos Webinar Series: eCommerce Growth Opportunities for Financial Services

Join this complimentary Webinar session to discover the accelerated eCommerce developments in APAC since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, and the related opportunities for Financial Services.

Using concrete examples of Commercial (Enterprises) and Retail (consumer) financial services customers in the eCommerce ecosystem, our Ipsos Strategy3 analysts will share how to assess and develop a competitive market entry strategy and partnership evaluation.

This webinar will introduce a strategic guide to help businesses formulate an answer to four key business questions:

  • Who are my organisation’s target customers for financial services in eCommerce?
  • What channels and partnerships are needed to reach and retain them?
  • What products and value propositions can my organisation offer to be competitive in the market?
  • How much of the market segment can I expect to capture?


Join our complimentary webinar on eCommerce Growth Opportunities for Financial Services.

Speakers :

  • JessicaC

    Jessica Chung, Engagement Manager, Ipsos Strategy3

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