COVID-19: Category and Brand Monitoring in MENA

Real-time insights from the MENA region

As the fast-evolving situation with Coronavirus gets more intense, brands need real time insights to understand the possible implications on their business, so they can take action (e.g. changes in consumer habits? New brand choices? Further category purchases? Competitor innovations?). Ipsos understands this daily need for information and has produced an agile tracking solution to help brands navigate through this unprecedented global crisis and manage their online reputation.

Which Approach?

  • Layer social data sets: collect social media discussions from multiple sources: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc... blogs, forums, news and Google search.
  • Custom-made queries through Ipsos Synthesio’s leading social listening platform.
  • Combine AI/ machine learning with human intelligence to generate actionable insights.

Data available across the MENA region: KSA,UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Kuwait, Qatar, Morocco, and Lebanon.

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