A Study About the Lebanese Revolution

What do the Lebanese have to say about the October 17 Revolution?

Ipsos conducted a study to understand the opinions and attitudes of the Lebanese citizens towards the October 17, 2019 revolution.

This study was conducted between 18 and 20 December 2019 with a representative sample of the Lebanese population. The sample size used was 1020.

The study unveiled who from the Lebanese citizens currently supports the revolution versus those who supported it from its start on October 17. It also showed what they are willing to sacrifice for their demands to be achieved.

Regarding the new Prime Minister designate, Dr. Hassan Diab, the study revealed how many support him.

A second part of the study concentrated on Lebanese citizens and the media during this time. The results show that they primarily get their information from TV, which they trust the most in comparison to other media and means of communication. It also showed that viewership of the news bulletin and political programs has increased significantly after October 17.