86% of Filipinos feel that we are heading for environment disaster unless we change our habits quickly

Climate change has become a visceral reality and people want collaborative leadership

IGT Web Banner - Climate AntagonismClimate change has become a visceral reality with the past year seeing the largest number of climate-related disasters in recorded history. But there is rampant debate about who is responsible for climate change and how to address it: some consumers are changing how they make purchasing decisions according to their environmental impact, while others (particularly Gen Z) are putting the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of governments, systems and corporations. 

There is, however, a vast difference across regions between who is concerned about climate change and who is not. And the countries where people are talking about it least may be countries that are doing most about it. In Asia Pacific, 82% of consumers feel that we are heading for environmental disaster unless we change our habits quickly. 

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One of the challenges faced in mobilising action around climate change is that it is never people’s number-one priority. There is always something else – Covid-19 over the past few years, and the cost of living crisis right now – that individuals find more pressing.

Individual action is a drop in the bucket, while government pledges and corporate impact aren’t enough. How can your organisation work with all these factors to effect change?


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