Ipsos Update

Ipsos Update – November 2022

Emerging risks, hybrid working and resilience in Ukraine… Ipsos Update explores the latest and greatest research & thinking on key topics from Ipsos around the world.

Ipsos Update - September 2022

Ben Page opens this month’s edition of Ipsos Update with his reflections on a global environment of continued uncertainty. Between heatwaves and the continuing rise of inflation – a dark cloud overshadowing many of this month’s articles – consumer anxiety is evident. We also focus on creativity in…

Ipsos Update – August 2022

With recent record-high temperatures in Europe in mind, Ben Page introduces this month’s edition with reflections on whether the more urgent threat of inflation threatens to overshadow the global public’s concern about climate change. We explore this in more detail with articles on perceptions of…

Ipsos Update - July 2022

Ben Page introduces July’s edition of Ipsos Update with his reflections on the mounting public concern about inflation and the consequences of this for consumer spending. Alongside updates on how people around the world are reacting to cost-of-living pressures, this month’s articles focus on topics…

Ipsos Update - June 2022

Inflation is a recurring theme in the articles featured this month. Other topics include the future of food, the role of cycling and how EU citizens view the EU’s response to war in Ukraine. We also feature our latest Ipsos Views on AI-enabled Consumer Intelligence and tech-enabled product…

Ipsos Update - March 2022

Opinion polling, the year ahead in Brazil, gender inequality in Japan, and the future of ageing are all featured topics in this month’s round-up of research and thinking from Ipsos teams around the world.

Ipsos Update – December 2021

This month’s edition features stories on how global values are shifting, international threats and responses, the COP26 climate change conference, today’s retail environment, and perspectives on women’s experiences.

Ipsos Update - October 2021

Global risks, trust in research, virtual reality and the global influence of Germany are just some of the topics featured in this month’s round up of research and analysis from Ipsos around the world.

Ipsos Update – August 2021

Featured topics include obesity, sustainability, populism, youth skills and the Tokyo Olympics. We also take a closer look at the latest research from Russia and Africa.

Ipsos Update – July 2021

Discover new global studies on attitudes to refugees, LGBT+ equality, culture wars and sustainable development. Also explore our latest white papers. including a spotlight on Indonesian society.