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Ipsos 2019 Southeast Asian (SEA) Syndicated Research Series

Parenting Decoded 2019

Ipsos 2019 SEA Syndicated Research Series

We see with our mind, not just with our eyes

This white paper argues it is essential to link responses on a product’s appearance back to the visual features that trigger them.

Ipsos Update - May 2019

May’s edition presents Ipsos’ latest research and thinking on topics including climate change, our ‘vices’ – or morally questionable behaviours, driverless cars, shopper technology, creative advertising and trends in MENA.

Why we can’t live without digital media

It looks to me like Judy is always “on her phone” but, in truth, she’s organizing her time, connecting with friends, helping her brother nail an interview, vetting lunch spots or keeping up on current events.

Selling Creative Research Short?

How creative research can help measure and fuel long-term campaign effects

Ipsos Update - April 2019

This month’s edition features Ipsos research and thinking on technology and healthcare, nationality and inclusivity, Indian cuisine, virtual reality, text analytics and more.

Connected Health: A roadmap to success

Connected Health is moving into the mainstream – how will this change the traditional structure of healthcare?

Corporate Sustainability: Creating and Measuring Impact

Learn how “sustainability” can reduce existential threats, bolster business continuity, rally stakeholders, and increase competitive advantage.

Virtual Reality: Hype or the Future?

Virtual Reality (VR) technology has been around for at least a decade and you could say it’s clearly gone from sci-fi to sci-fact. However, it’s still seen as a new technology and has not hit mass adoption; so what has gone wrong?