Economic Pulse of the World

Ipsos Update - September 2019

Our monthly round-up of research and thinking from Ipsos around the world.

Ipsos Update – August 2019

This month’s edition of Ipsos Update features Ipsos research and thinking on gender equality, what worries the world, video research, sustainable packaging and consumer trends in Russia.

Thinking Outside the Box, Bag and Wrapper

Why now is the moment for sustainable packaging in Japan.

The illusion of stability: What Worries the World?

Using 100 months of data, we go beyond the headline stats to uncover long-term trends and surprising developments in the reported social and political concerns around the world.

Speed dating with innovations: What’s your innovation’s pick-up line?

This white paper explains how the communication of innovation has changed drastically and how consumers have adapted to this new reality.

The Reputation Council report 2019

Established in 2009, the Ipsos Reputation Council brings together senior communicators from some of the most respected corporations in the world.

Ipsos Update - April 2019

This month’s edition features Ipsos research and thinking on technology and healthcare, nationality and inclusivity, Indian cuisine, virtual reality, text analytics and more.

Ipsos Update - October 2018

Welcome to Ipsos Update – our monthly selection of research and thinking from Ipsos teams around the world. October’s edition features new papers on agile research, surviving disruption, and creating strong branded memories in ads, as well as reports on Kenya, populism, and young people globally.

Last Impressions Also Count

How to evoke an emotional response to leave strong branded memories. While we all know the importance of first impressions, this report highlights the significance of a good last impression.

The Secret to Unleashing a Disruptive Brand? Stop Being a Victim

This report speaks to clients to find out how to survive in a transforming market and handle the changes disruption brings.