Ipsos celebrates 20 years in Romania

The people behind the figures – introducing the professionals who collect, process and analyze data across hundreds of surveys per year

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  • Alina Stepan Country Manager - Ipsos in Romania | Cluster Head - Ipsos South-East Europe
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The first 20 years in Romania. Not the book by Alexandre Dumas, but a real piece of history for us.

We went through several name changes, we shared great moments with colleagues, clients and partners, we experienced different mergers & acquisitions, however we evolved towards better versions of ourselves.

Short history: from Nicosia to London

For us, 11 January 2001 is not just another day. This is our official ‘birth date’ in Romania, stated on our certificate of incorporation, from the moment when a fully-fledged research company was detached from MEMRB. MEMRB (Middle East Marketing Research Bureau), was founded in 1962 in Cyprus by George Vassiliou, who later on became the President of Cyprus. In 2001, he decided to split the company – Consumer Research and Retail Audit – and sell the Consumer division to Aegis Group, a London-based company with a Greek name! Because aegis represents no more, no less than the shield worn by Athena or Zeus, as depicted in the Iliad. In 2001, Aegis chooses to rebrand the former MEMRB Consumer Research as Synovate. In the poetic words of the Aegis CEO Adrian Chedore, ‘a rose by any other name would smell as sweet’. That was the moment when we, those who were part of the company back then, have truly felt like being part of a multinational company.

...and then to Paris

Fast forward to 2011, the year when Ipsos, a Paris-based multinational research company, decides to expand its global presence and increase its coverage from 40 to 80 countries, through the acquisition of Synovate. This marked the official launch of Ipsos in Romania; a new company on the local market, bearing a not-so-easy-to-market name. Ipsos is not written in all-caps and it’s not an acronym. Ipsos comes from ipso facto, which in Latin means by the fact itself, implicit. This motto has been guiding Ipsos since 1975 – the year the company was established – and continues to guide our activity in Romania. Data collected using state-of-the-art methods, by interviewers having a fair and transparent employment framework, delivered to our clients in the shape of accurate analytics and actionable conclusions, to help them base business decisions on the surveys we conduct.

The people behind the figures

In an era where employee loyalty experiences a sharp decrease, we are lucky to count among us a few colleagues who were part of the company from its very beginning: Alina Stepan (Country Manager), Cristina Vesa (Head of Operations), Daniel Coman (Head of Scripting, Data Processing & Analytics), Simona Sanda (Senior Processes Executive), Maricica Coșa (Bacău Area Coordinator), Adrian Cârlan (Ploiești Area Coordinator).

Adrian thinks that

My 20 years of experience within Ipsos made me appreciate the human interaction and communication across the team.

Cristina declares:

I’ve ‘raised’ generations of researchers within MEMRB, Synovate and Ipsos, and coordinated more than 300 employees. One thing I’ve learnt is that you could get left behind if you don’t ask for support from others. At Ipsos, no two days are the same and I’ve learnt that, in order to grow and succeed, you need to be flexible and ready for a world which moves rapidly, you need to want to accept new responsibilities and challenges. I have been given many career opportunities within Ipsos and what it’s most important is the fact that I was open to accept them. When in need, reach out to professionals in other countries – the Ipsos world is huge – and always be transparent to your team.

The secret of success

You cannot instill passion in what you do if you think it’s just a job. The secret behind our perseverance and success? Across the management team and not only, we believe and behave day by day as if Ipsos was our own company. Our entrepreneurial business. Our personal bet. Without losing sight of the fact that we have the support of a solid company, the third largest research group worldwide, present in 90 countries and having more than 18,000 employees, a global business of more than EUR 2b, listed on the Paris Stock Exchange since 1999.

Like people, companies are alive and dynamic. Where will Ipsos be on 11 January 2041?

Ipsos is the largest research group in Romania. Our companies - Ipsos Romania, Ipsos Interactive Services and Ipsos Digital – employ more than 1,000 people, altogether.

The author(s)

  • Alina Stepan Country Manager - Ipsos in Romania | Cluster Head - Ipsos South-East Europe