Shifting context, shifting priorities

Time for a strategic reset?

Shifting context, shifting priorities | IpsosThe shifting sands of our current multidimensional crisis have undoubtedly impacted the context in which we live our lives and the decisions we make. We socialise differently, we work together differently, we prioritise differently, we buy differently, we consume differently – and we decide differently.

In this paper, we explain why the time is right for brands to review their strategy and the foundational insights on which it is based. Referencing Ipsos’ Brand Health Tracking Database, we explore the growing evidence of how people are making new and different decisions in response to the changing context of our time – comparing data from time periods before and during the pandemic.

In a time of profound internal and external contextual change, where people are pausing to re-prioritise, brands need to adapt to deliver against different consumer decision criteria and expectations.

So, what about your brand? Are you still making decisions based on what might be outdated, pre-pandemic insights?

Our data tells us that many are seeking to make different choices that are more reflective of the times in which we live and the values we hold.

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