Client Officer

ipsos client officer

Ipsos’ Client Organisation team is searching for a Client Officer who will ensure client relationship excellence, and drive growth and value creation for the portfolio of clients. This person will need to bring to clients the best of Ipsos and be the “Voice of the Client” among Ipsos teams.

The CO manages a client portfolio (3-5 clients depending on the size and potential of the clients) and conducts the following activities for each client:


Client Strategy

  • Understand client sector, context and strategic/growth questions the client is facing.
  • Build the long-term vision for the client identifying client’s growth agenda, client priorities, client power map, competitive landscape, Ipsos value proposition.
  • Build the account plan in collaboration with SLLs: Define target revenue per Service Line, following guidelines communicated by the CCO.
  • Identify significant opportunities to be anticipated and build proposal main objectives.
  • Identify thought leadership themes.
  • Align with the CCD if the client is also managed at a global level.


Business Management

  • Activate the account plan to meet target revenue objectives in coordination with the Service Lines.
  • Co-create a plan with clients to ensure that the research design evolves (“Retain”) with the support of the Service Lines.
  • Interact with the client to develop opportunities, promote Ipsos services and ensure a high quality of services: introduce business questions, identify opportunities to add greater value to the client’s business, brief and introduce service line leaders.
  • Mobilize Ipsos Service Lines and organisation by activating a network to give the best of Ipsos to the client to meet win and retain objectives.


For significant/multiple service lines opportunities, CO leads the proposal:

  • Decision to bid
  • Framing the business issue and building the pitch strategy, including the storyboard
  • Assigns and briefs the leading SLL who will assign a pitch leader, write the proposal and submit costing
  • Finalizes proposal and consolidate pricing
  • Pitches to client with relevant Service Lines’ support
  • Supports contract negotiation including pricing and Legal


For less significant opportunities involving mainly one Service Line, the CO contributes to the proposal as needed (except if client is not covered by the local Client Organisation):

  • Gives input on client context to the SLL
  • As appropriate, participates in key client presentations


Contract Management

  • Support the Service Line to make sure it provides the right resources for any given project.
  • Recommend efficient use of resources on the account and prioritize when needed.
  • Ensure a high quality of services to clients and the overall client satisfaction.
  • Manage challenges and issues escalated by the client.
  • Give input to Service Lines on where they need to innovate.


For significant/multiple service lines projects, the CO leads the project with the support of leading SLL, and CPM when relevant, with attention to the following activities:

  • Leads and/or signs-off on integrated proposal process
  • Approves the storyline of the report and leads the internal work session to develop the report
  • Coordinates Service Lines involved in the project (provides guidelines for the Service Line execution)
  • Presents the client report (with the support of the SLLs involved)
  • When relevant, animates the activation workshop (including insights, added value) with the support and the direct participation of SLLs involved
  • Solves project-related challenges and issues
  • For less significant projects involving mainly one Service Line, the CO contributes to the project as needed (excluding clients not covered by the local Client Organisation)
  • Participates in client meetings
  • Reviews the proposal and the report
  • As appropriate, participates in key client presentations


Client Relationship Management

  • Build relationship and trust with business decision makers at the clients (C-Suites, business teams), to establish trusted advisor status.
  • Build relationships with key client stakeholders beyond Insight Department, including C-suite; tap into additional sources of budget.
  • Ensure ongoing projects give satisfaction to clients.
  • Build on previous work to give additional value (“connect the dots”).
  • Give added value to client with new ideas, thought leadership, and innovative ways of doing market research and growth strategy.



  • Manage the opportunity pipeline and report progress to the CCO and CCDs for globally managed clients. Ensure quality of information in the CRM system



  • Minimum 10-years’ experience (15 years in developed markets) including:
    • Client relationship management,
    • Multi stakeholder relationship management,
    • C-suites relationship management,
    • Proven revenue generation experience,
    • Ideally, experience beyond agency side MR (client side, consulting).
  • Client industry knowledge
  • Client industry knowledge
  • Detailed understanding of Ipsos Service Lines to enable opportunity identification
  • Market Research and general growth strategy knowledge
  • Organizationally savvy
  • Advisory – strategic thinking and insight
  • Business and commercial acumen
  • Negotiation
  • Financial and pricing acumen
  • Issue / crisis management
  • Risk management
  • Detailed understanding of Ipsos Service Lines to enable opportunity identification


If you wish to apply, please email your CV to: [email protected]