If you are confident and enjoy meeting people, join our panel of market research interviewers where you can enjoy a variety of interesting work. As a face-to-face interviewer you will carry out surveys on behalf of many different clients including local and central government, the media, and a range of companies and charities. A large number of these surveys are conducted face-to-face by a Market Research Interviewer in the street or in people’s homes.

Ipsos provides all ​types of high quality face to face fieldwork in local markets across the world offering a global service but at a local level.  

Most of our field-forces are either CAPI enabled (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing), use PDA's for electronic data collection, or both. Interviewing in this way enables us to provide our clients with faster turnaround, regular, up-to-date progress information and the highest quality data.  This also allows us to apply automated data checks to the data as fieldwork progresses to highlight any anomalies that can be examined immediately, so that corrective action can be initiated if required.

Our local teams specialise in different types of work - in-home, central location or in-street and every potential project is assessed to make sure that the methodology and interviewing locations will meet the objectives of the study.

The highest quality standard is our norm and this is applied to all aspects of our fieldwork.

Validation is undertaken to an agreed level in each country – this is where the original respondent is re-contacted via telephone, email, post or face to face to not only check that the interview was conducted according to our stringent requirements but to check that the respondent had a positive experience of being interviewed by us. ​