Consumer Confidence March 2019

Drops in Sweden, Italy, and the U.S. Balanced by Gains in South Africa, Brazil, Spain, France, and Mexico.

Washington, DC, March 22, 2019 — The Ipsos Global Consumer Confidence Index for March 2019 remains steady at 49.6. Over the past three months, notable drops in several countries, especially Sweden, Italy, and the United States, have been outweighed by strong gains in other countries, especially South Africa, Brazil, Spain, France, and Mexico. However, compared with a year ago, global consumer confidence is down almost a full point (0.9). The Consumer Confidence Index, also called the “National Index,” reflects consumer attitudes on the current and future state of their local economy, their personal finance situations, their savings and their confidence to make large investments.

  • Of the 24 countries included in the survey, five see significant three-months gains in their National Index: South Africa (+4.3 points), Brazil (+4.0), Spain (+3.2), France (+3.2), and Mexico (+2.7).
  • At the same time, six countries record significant losses during the same period: Sweden (-2.1), Italy (-2.0), the U.S. (-2.0), Poland (-1.9), Argentina (-1.7), and Hungary (-1.5).
  • China’s National Index (70.2) remains the highest among all countries surveyed, far surpassing that of the next three countries —Saudi Arabia (64.1), India (60.5), and the U.S. (60.1).
  • Countries with the lowest levels of consumer confidence are Turkey (31.7), Argentina (36.2), Russia (38.9), and, replacing France (41.6) in the bottom four, South Korea (40.5).

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