A year in Oncology

A Review of 2020 Drug Approvals & Key Milestones

Ipsos infographic

Despite a global pandemic, 2020 saw a notable number of approvals of new anti-cancer therapies in the US, Europe and Japan – including the continued roll-out of immuno-oncology (I-O) therapies.

The US saw a similar number of new oncology drug/indication approvals in 2020 as in 2019. An even higher number were seen in Japan, largely due to approvals ahead of all other global regions (as per the Sakigake Designation Scheme) and the rollout of drugs already sanctioned by the FDA. In Europe, however, there were around a quarter fewer approvals in 2020 than in the prior year.

To view the approvals and the key milestones (in our view) in an easy-to-digest snapshot, please see Ipsos’ infographic, ‘A Year in Oncology: A Review of 2020 Drug Approvals in US, Europe & Japan’.