Ipsos Launches Product Intelligence

Socialised product evaluations via user ratings and reviews.

Combining its expertise in social intelligence with its strong heritage in product testing, Ipsos has launched a new Product Intelligence solution that enables marketers to evaluate products faster and more efficiently than traditional product testing.

Using online user ratings and reviews, the new Product Intelligence approach gathers consumer feedback on in-market products and uses a product testing lens to analyse the social data. The approach uses leading-edge text analytics, bolstered by human intelligence, to provide in-depth product performance insights based on unfiltered consumer feedback. Marketers learn which product features drive satisfaction, gain an understanding of their product’s strengths and weaknesses, and uncover how their product performs versus real-world competition.

According to Virginia Weil, President of Innovation & Product Testing at Ipsos, “Product Intelligence leverages the latest technology to not only offer timing and cost efficiencies but also richer consumer-centric data. With Product Intelligence, our clients gain deep insights into how consumers express their opinions about their products in real life and in real-time – giving them a significant competitive advantage in developing superior products and finding innovation opportunities.”

Product Intelligence is part of Ipsos’ suite of product and package testing solutions, which includes

leading-edge approaches across the product life cycle such as device agnostic surveys, video analytics, online eye-tracking, non-conscious measurement, and virtual reality for testing in realistic environments.