Ipsos in MENA launches She Speaks 2023 in Saudi Arabia

Building on the huge success of the syndicated study "She Speaks," Ipsos in MENA presents its latest and reinvented edition of the study in Saudi Arabia.

she speaks

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has undergone tremendous change, with women being at the forefront of this societal shift. Encouraged by the Kingdom’s legislation, women are now more engaged citizens, actively participating in various aspects of society including the social and economic landscape. Furthermore, women now have greater purchasing power, extending beyond household purchase decisions, reflecting their growing influence and contribution in the changing consumer market. Therefore, it has become more important than ever for businesses and brands operating in the region to understand this important consumer segment.

Against the context of this evolving landscape, Ipsos is announcing the relaunch of the syndicated study “She Speaks” in Saudi Arabia. This comprehensive study is designed to gain a deeper understanding of the habits and attitudes of women in Kingdom, both as individuals and as consumers, providing businesses with essential insights to enable them to better engage with and cater to this influential consumer segment.