Ipsos Update - April 2022

This month sees us reflect on the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic two years on. Our featured global surveys cover topics including gender equality and interpersonal trust. We also look at the French election ahead of this month’s vote, alongside the latest polling on the Ukraine conflict.

International Women’s Day 2022 | Is progress on gender equality stalling?

A 30-country study with Kings College London asks whether progress on gender equality is stalling. Our two-part release of the research project presents global views on topics including feminism, violence against women, careers, institutional bias, and childcare.
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Interpersonal Trust | Can most people be trusted?

Can most people be trusted? Only 30% of people around the world think so, according to our 30-country survey. But levels of trust vary greatly across factors such as age, gender, and career. And they also appear to have an impact on consumer confidence and happiness.
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Challenging the Status Quo | What makes a new product succeed ?

Using a new Ipsos framework, we look at what makes a new product succeed. This will help marketers to better understand how likely consumers are to ditch the status quo and switch their product choices.
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Innovation in Inflationary Times | A guide for innovation leaders

As three in four consumers worldwide express concern that price increases will outpace their income growth in 2022, this white paper explores the choices open to innovation leaders in this new pricing landscape.
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Sustainable Energy | Global consumer attitudes to energy and prices

We find strong public support for switching from fossil fuels to more sustainable sources while at the same expecting energy costs to rise – something that people attribute more to market volatility than climate policies.
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French Election 2022 | The key issues of the election campaign

Ahead of the 10th April presidential election, our team in France explain what is different this year, and outline the central issues for French voters during the final stages of the campaign.
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Covid-19 two years on | What have we learned from the pandemic?

In this report, we pause to reflect on what the whole pandemic experience has taught us about individuals, economies, and societies. The 10 key themes include adaptability, mental health, widening equalities, and expectations of the state.
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Ukraine Polling | International public opinions on the Ukraine war

As the war in Ukraine continues to unfold, we present public reactions to the conflict and its implications from a selection of countries around the world.
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Also in this edition

More studies on women and gender equality, the latest Consumer Confidence Index, the clinician view on the future of healthcare, and our latest KEYS webinar on diversity and inclusion.