Views on Sustainability in MENA

The public's understanding of sustainability in MENA

Green sustainable

The vast majority (97%) of individuals in MENA are familiar with the term sustainability, where they mostly associate it with the topics of renewable energy sources and natural resources conservation.

When it comes to actions taken to live more sustainably, the majority (9 in 10) have also taken steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle although these tend to be actions that require easy to medium effort such as using low-energy lightbulbs and reducing water usage. While around 9 in 10 express a willingness to make lifestyle compromises to benefit the environment, 3 in 5 are unclear about specific actions that could make a difference in addressing climate change.

In terms of corporate responsibility, 65% believe that companies in MENA lack in terms of supporting sustainability and ethical best practices but consider technology companies to be the most active on sustainability.

Moreover, when considering the overall cost implications of sustainable practices, 64% of individuals believe that the responsibility for expenses should lie with governments, while 1 in 5 believe it should be businesses.

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