Understanding the context of consumption moments

A path to brand success.


Ipsos views | understanding the context of consumption momentsAs marketers strive to grow their brands in a rapidly changing world, we know that successful brands are those that shape consumer expectations so that only they can meet them. This needs to be done by understanding the context in which people live, and then acting with empathy. One person can have different needs and preferences at different moments.

Brand research surveys traditionally take a bird’s eye view of consumption by asking consumers overall about the products they know or prefer most. However, these approaches often lack granularity and bypass the nuances of the moment. 

Marketers need a higher level of specificity to identify growth opportunities and optimise their product portfolio. Targeting general consumption is no longer sufficient. Instead, we need to understand the context of consumer consumption moments.

In this paper, we explore ways to dissect the moment and how to approach moment-based research, while looking at how brands can use this information to inform their strategy and create a positive business impact.

A more accurate, granular, and timely understanding of context is increasingly critical to developing strategies that stand out – enabling brands to play a key role in consumers’ lives that competitors may be missing.

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Forthcoming papers in our context series 

This paper forms part of our three-part series on understanding the impact of context on brand choice. The series focuses on the importance of identifying the context in which consumers make brand choices and using these insights to drive brand growth. 

You can download the first paper here: Mapping Out Demand Spaces by Context.  

Look out for the final paper in the series coming soon: How Context Can Inspire Brand Growth. 

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