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Unlock Brand Success

Brands are no longer in control.
In a dynamic world, people are in control.

Brands can make powerful connections with people and bring more to their lives

Ipsos' vision to building great brands is underpinned by three keys to unlock brand success: shaping Expectations / integrating Context / acting with Empathy.
This new approach empowers marketers to drive brand success by shaping people’s expectations, empathizing with people and understanding the role brands play in their lives.

Our latest white paper

Four critical trends that will drive brand growth in 2024

Looking forward to 2024, the world continues to change in ways that are worrisome for most of us, with global conflicts, inflation, climate change and the adoption of artificial intelligence all prominent concerns. These issues ultimately impact how people consume and choose brands, hence Ipsos’ continued efforts to understand the role brands can play in people’s lives and identify what makes brands successful.