Ipsos Webinar | Global Reach, Local Impact: Understanding Context and Adapting to Grow in Emerging Markets

Growth in middle classes and disposable income across emerging/ lower income markets, together with improved connectivity to penetrate across the wider populations provide a unique opportunity for brands to reach more consumers around the world more often. However success is not a given and only through understanding and better adapting to consumer context in these markets, can the opportunity for global brands be successfully leveraged

Join Ipsos exclusive Webinar to learn more about:

Understand better Emerging Market context (What): Learn about the different contexts people experience in lower income markets and the implications for global brands

Gain insights on growth opportunities (So What):Tap into Ipsos local market knowledge on how this context drives emerging market trends and how brands have successfully tailored offerings

How to adapt global strategies (Now what): Understand how brands can adapt lower income market strategies to capitalise on growth opportunities


Here you find the webinar recording:

Speakers :

  • Michael Brown

    Michael Brown, Senior Client Director, Ipsos in Switzerland

  • Izabela Lima

    Izabela Lima, Client Service Director, Market Strategy and Understanding

  • Mathieu Doiret

    Mathieu Doiret, Director, Ipsos global Knowledge Centre