2019 China Food and Beverage Packaging Trend Observation

From “Visibility” to “Interaction”. Packaging design is one of the most important parts of establishing the product image and generating the marketing strategy.

The evolution of the product is inseparable from the development and innovation of packaging.

Xiang Piao Piao Milk Tea packaging innovation | IpsosToday, packaging is becoming increasingly important in business decision making. Packaging designs are constantly updating with the new materials, new situations, and new marketing methods.

Ipsos developed this report based on its in depth market insight, and survey findings of over 800 consumers, who aged 18 40 years old and living in the tier 1 3 cities. This report summarizes the top 10 packaging trends in China food and beverage categories, and elaborates how packaging can motivate trial, stimulate repurchase and increase the interaction between brands and consumers by innovation of visibility, function and emotional connection.

Overview of top 10 packaging trends

Trial - Improve visibility

  • Subverting tradition, going out of the ordinary
  • Less is More
  • Health Labels, the king of the age
  • What you see is what you get

Repeat - Enhance practicability

  • Upgraded user friendly, Details & Convenience
  • Environmental protection era, “Green” becomes a Trend

Engagement & loyalty - Extend the role of packaging

  • Cultural identification, Language Resonance
  • Create topic, Keep it active
  • High End Packaging, Quality Premium
  • Interesting Interconnection, Technology Empowering

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