How to drive sustainable brand growth?

A discussion on Ipsos’ view on the importance of brand tracking research, knowledge of consumer decision-making and fundamentals for brand growth.

Whether we are living in a calm or stormy climate, some aspects of brand research remain the same. Achieving sustainable brand growth is a goal that is shared by all, and Ipsos offers ongoing information and insights based on tried and tested metrics to assist this. But an important focus is how we think about consumers as people, and the ways in which they make decisions. The latest scientific thinking allows us to have a more nuanced view of cognitive processing, making it possible to better influence individuals’ brand choices.

Following the publication of Ipsos’ brand growth story, Dancing with Duality, contributing author and expert in Ipsos’ global brand health tracking research Gillian Drewett speaks to Simon Atkinson from the Ipsos Knowledge Centre about Ipsos’ perspective on brand growth in the context of how people make decisions today.

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Brands have been intervening and influencing forever, but we are now able to do it better because we know so much more about how people make decisions. The context has an impact, what’s going on around us has an impact, and even the broader environment has an impact.

Gillian Drewett

See below five short clips from the conversation, followed by the full recording.

Q: Tell us about the Dancing with Duality paper and the background to this title.


Q: How are people making decisions these days?


Q: What is the Ipsos perspective on how brands grow?


Q: What does the brand growth story mean practically for marketers?


Q: What are the implications for tracking a brand’s performance over time?


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