What Worries Denmark - April 2021

The What Worries Denmark study gives you monthly insight into the most pressing reported concerns of Danish citizens. Discover the April 2021 update below.

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For the first time in a couple of months, the worries of the Danes started to change slightly. The biggest change is found in worries related to COVID-19. The last couple of months these worries has been steady, but this month the worries decreased by 4.4% points. This could be caused by the fact that infection numbers are stable and that the country is slowly opening. At the same time, we saw a decrease in worries related to the state of the economy, by 2.9% points.

Instead, we saw increasing worries related to immigration control/integration (+2.3% points), maintaining social programs or the welfare state (+1.6% points) and climate change/environment (+1.1% points). There are also increasing worries related to infrastructure (+1.1% points), which among other things relates to the new infrastructure plan presented by the government this month.

The Biggest Worries chart refers to an individual’s perception on the largest/most top-of-mind challenge Denmark is dealing with today.


The Total Worries chart encompasses the biggest worries and the respondents’ other worries combined.  


About the study
This study surveys a nationally representative sample of adults aged 18+ across various regions of Denmark, with 1000 interviews conducted per month. Weighting has been employed to balance demographics and ensure that the sample’s composition reflects that of the adult population according to the most recent Danish census data.

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