Ipsos Webinar Series: Data Driven Growth Strategy for Complex Markets

Demand modelling as the foundation for city-level distribution strategy.

What kind of distribution structure and KPIs can be used to target new opportunities in dynamic, but more complex markets?  How to identify the niche in those markets that match your portfolio and set-up, to exploit a competitive advantage?

Ipsos Strategy3 experts share practical tips which will showcase how to develop a distribution strategy to capture your market opportunity, leveraging your organization’s strengths. This helps prioritize your investment across cities and addresses:


  • Where to play - Geography (Cities or provinces)
  • Distributor KPI setting
  • Through which channel
  • Utilizing regional differences in preferences & expectations


Using concrete examples, we’ll demonstrate how to leverage Big Data to identify opportunities at a city level, based on demand modelling, CRM data, an in-depth understanding of the local retail landscape & competitor set-up, as well as user insights.

Join our complimentary webinar on Data driven growth strategy for complex markets.

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Speakers :

  • paul

    Paul Hubrich, Business Development Manager, Ipsos Strategy3

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