Top Trends of Indonesian Consumers: Brand Purpose, Climate Change, Data & Technoloyg, Science

Findings from Ipsos Global Trends Survey 2021

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Our latest press release "Digital Purchase and Local Product Dominate Indonesian Consumer Choices" talked about top trends of Indonesian consumer's attitude and opinion on brand purpose, climate change, science, social media / data & techonology from the Ipsos Global Trends Study 2021 


The Ipsos Global Trends Study 2021 is the latest instalment of the wide-ranging Ipsos survey series that seeks to understand how global values are shifting. This year’s update polls the public in 25 countries around the world, including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines in Southeast Asia.

The survey reveals a world where public attitudes and values have changed less than might be expected under pressure from the pandemic. The changes in the data tend to be driven by long-running trends in public opinion that pre-date COVID-19.


Key points:

  • The highest among the 25 countries surveyed, 73% of Indonesian consumers admit that online shopping is easier than shopping in stores.
  • Ranked 4th in the world market, 83% of Indonesian consumers feel they can find better deals when shopping online and 81% trust online recommendations from well-known sites or applications.
  • The majority of Indonesian consumers are now more likely to choose to buy local products than global ones (87%).
  • More than half of Indonesian consumers (59%) disagree that global brands make better products than local brands.
  • Indonesian people's awareness of climate change is the highest in the world (96%).
  • Nine out of ten Indonesians (90%) are optimistic that the development of science will defeat all diseases.
  • Eighty percent (80%) of Indonesians cannot imagine life without the internet.


"For Indonesian market, from the Ipsos Global Trends 2021 survey data, it is clear that online shopping and the choice of local brands are very prominent and the increase is very significant, compared to  pre-pandemic. Apart from the ease of use of online shopping channels, such as applications, sites, social media, etc., the ease of finding more and better offer is one of the considerations that consumers are more likely to choose shop online than in stores. And for the choice of local brands, consumers feel that local Indonesian brands can now compete even with global brands. For this reason, I see that local products and online shopping future is real,” said Soeprapto Tan, Managing Director of Ipsos in Indonesia.


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The author(s)
  • Marcomm Ipsos in Indonesia Marcom Team

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