Ipsos Update - July 2019

July’s edition of Ipsos Update presents our latest research and white papers on topics including refugees and human rights, online security and trust in the media, Out of Home advertising and subscription services.

To mark World Refugee Day, our study explores global views on refugee rights and national refugee policy. It finds that the majority of citizens across 26 countries (61%) support the principle of people seeking refuge from war or persecution. At the same time, over half are doubtful that refugees have genuine motivations, and one in four thinks that their countries cannot accept any refugees at this time.

We also launch a special publication of Understanding Society which brings together different perspectives on the global refugee crises to further our understanding and try to find a consensus for action.

The importance of human rights in international relations is the topic of another Global Advisor survey, which finds that public attitudes across 24 counties are conflicted. While only 3% think that their country should completely ignore international laws on human rights, less than 40% agree that their country should never break them. Others think adherence to human rights is either conditional on extreme circumstances (21%) or on a balance of other factors (22%).

Turning now to international governance in the online world, our new global survey with CIGI on internet trust and security finds increasing levels of distrust and concern for the fifth year running. This is closely connected to public awareness of misinformation spread by fake news – nearly nine in ten across 26 countries report having fallen for it at least once. Social media companies receive a lot of the blame, but questions remain about whose responsibility it is to police the online environment.

On a similar topic, our new Global Advisor survey on trust in the media shows that one-third of respondents in 27 countries trust the reliability of news and information (whether from online sources or traditional media) less than they did five years ago, with a wide variety of opinions on the media across countries.

Focusing now on the world’s seventh most populous country, our new briefing on Nigeria provides insights into life in the country today through the accounts of three typical yet diverse members of the middle class. Informed by local Ipsos research, we learn about consumer trends, social norms as well as the opportunities and challenges facing Nigeria.

It’s an exciting time for Out of Home advertising, which, going beyond billboards and bus shelters, now offers modern methods for marketers such as interactive digital panels that can be programmed to change with the external conditions. Our new white paper shows how new measurement tools can determine how to best reach audiences while they are ‘on the move’.

Without the luxury of time to connect with busy and distracted consumers, our new white paper Speed Dating with Innovations advises brands that to create concise and convincing messages, they should operate more like speed-daters than story-tellers.

Finally, we explore the increasingly popular business model of product subscription services and how to overcome the barriers stopping even more people from signing up. We find that, while they win points for convenience and time saving, there is still space to convince consumers about what they can deliver and why they should change their current habits.