Ipsos/IPHA Vaccine Tracker – September 2022

Three in five people expect another Covid-19 ‘wave’ this year

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  • Will Nunn Senior Research Consultant
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  • 84% of people believe Ireland would be better prepared for another pandemic due to our experience with Covid-19
  • Trust in vaccines remains high, with 79% of people saying vaccines are effective
  • Doctors, nurses and pharmacists are most trusted for information about vaccines

Almost three-fifths of people believe that there will be another ‘wave’ of Covid-19 this year, according to new research carried out by Ipsos for the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA).

The research, measuring public attitudes to Covid-19 vaccination and to vaccination in general, shows that 58% of people believe another significant rise in Covid-19 cases this year is either fairly likely or very likely. Just 28% of people believe a significant rise in Covid-19 cases is unlikely. The rest said it was neither likely nor unlikely or they did not know.

Most people, or 70%, believe that medical science can respond to future Covid-19 variants while 68% say that they would feel protected against the disease if there is another ‘wave’.

Over four-fifths of people, or 84%, believe that Ireland would be in a better position to deal with another pandemic because of our experience with Covid-19.

Trust in vaccination remains high, with 79% of people saying that vaccines in general are effective. That figure is largely unchanged since Ipsos asked the same question in June. Three in four people, or 74%, trust the medical evidence about vaccines.

Doctors or nurses, at 85%, remain the most trusted people for information about vaccines (among those prompted), down six points since Ipsos asked the same question in February. They are followed by pharmacists, at 80%, scientists or vaccine specialists, at 79%, and official health websites, at 71%. Online user-generated content and politicians are among the least trusted when it comes to information about vaccines, registering 7% and 14%, respectively.

The survey finds that 91% of people have been vaccinated for Covid-19, with 44% saying they have had two or more booster doses. About one in three, or 34%, have received a single booster dose for Covid-19.

About The Survey

Ipsos conducted 1,004 telephone interviews with adults aged 18+ between September 1st and September 14th, 2022. The sample was nationally representative for age, gender, region and social class.


The author(s)
  • Will Nunn Senior Research Consultant

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