Poll Shows Northern Ireland Rejects Unity by Large Margin

Ipsos poll finds that two thirds of voters in the Republic of Ireland are in favour of a united Ireland, while half of voters in Northern Ireland are against unification

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  • Aisling Corcoran Director
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Northern Ireland would vote decisively against a united Ireland if there was a Border poll, according to an Ipsos opinion poll for a new research project into North-South relations and political views on the future of the island.

The poll shows almost twice as many voters who expressed a preference want to remain in the United Kingdom.

In the Republic, however, there is a majority of more than four to one in favour of unity, according to a simultaneous and identical poll.

Majorities in both jurisdictions believe that referendums on the unity question should be held, with voters in the Republic more likely to favour a vote in the next five years, while a majority of voters in the North want a Border poll in the next 10 years.

Pat Leahy, The Irish Times.


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The author(s)
  • Aisling Corcoran Director