Ipsos Update - May 2022

Happiness, Identity, and global reactions to the war in Ukraine are among the featured topics in this month’s edition. Also featured: our Earth Day 2022 reports, our latest white paper on regulating compliance and our post-election analysis from last month’s French presidential election.

Explore a range of topics in our monthly round-up of the latest research and thinking from Ipsos around the world. In this edition:

Global Opinion on the War in Ukraine

Our 27-country study finds global unity in willingness to take in refugees and wariness of getting directly involved militarily but diverging views on economic sanctions and other military support.

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What Worries the World

After making the top five for the first time last month, concern about inflation has continued to grow and it is now the number one concern globally. Meanwhile, Coronavirus falls to eighth place.

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Driving Compliance at the Frontline 

We present new analysis and case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of mystery shopping in assessing regulatory compliance in sectors such as financial services, telecoms, and gambling.

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Global Happiness 2022

Across 30 countries, two in three adults (67%) consider themselves “happy”, but we see large differences on a country level. Our global study also examines where people say they find happiness in their lives.

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The Future of Identity

Identity today is at the forefront of conversations in both positive and negative ways. We explore the forces influencing who we are and consider what brands should know about representing us in future.

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Earth Day 2022

In this year’s survey, people across 31 countries ask: what’s the plan? Our study also explores perceptions of the most impactful ways individuals can combat climate change.
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French Presidential Election 2022

Emmanuel Macron was comfortably re-elected as President of France on 24 April, yet 28% abstained from voting: a high not seen for 50 years. Our post-election analysis reviews the campaign.

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Anholt-Ipsos City Brands Index 2022

London preserves its spot as the world’s most admired city in the 2022 edition of the Anholt-Ipsos City Brands Index. Paris, Sydney, New York, and Rome round out the top five.

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Also in this edition

  • Our latest KEYS webinar ‘The Sustainability Imperative’
  • A report examining the racial disparities in the US healthcare system
  • A round-up of the latest Ipsos podcasts

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