Analyzing Lebanese's Conversations in Times of COVID-19

With the Coronavirus outbreak happening in Lebanon, people turned to social media platforms to share their knowledge, thoughts and feelings regarding this growing pandemic. As days pass, the situation is evolving, and people’s conversations and focus are shifting accordingly. Through Ipsos social intelligence analytics tool, a continuous analysis and reporting of Lebanese’s voices are possible.

This report focuses on the major topics discussed, volume trend and people’s emotions regarding the Coronavirus outbreak.

With the current country lockdown and its implications, online discussions are changing focus.
Increased focus on the spread of the virus.

With the growing impatience and economic repercussions, people are looking for answers on when this epidemic will end by discussing the latest figures and predictions as well as the latest cures/vaccines.
Increased focus on the local economic crisis and the dissatisfaction with the local authorities.
People are expressing their disapproval with some of the control measures implemented by the government. The Lebanese also expressed their dissatisfaction and disappointment in how the local authorities did not support the people especially those who can t provide for themselves and their families the basics such as food and shelter. Some also criticized how the local authorities are publicizing their actions that are to be considered their duties.

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